In this endless cycle what does one do?

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Published Jul 28, 2016
GenreRole Playing
Tagsartgame, Dark, Experimental, Horrible, Interactive Fiction, Point & Click, sad, text-based, Twine, vent
Average sessionDays or more


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Kind of boring. And before you say anything back, YOU are a fuck up Mr cdf121. What the fuck is this shit.

Honestly, your not a fuck up. If you made this game cause you feel like shit man, go get some help. Go outside and just live man. Fuck all that sjw, transgender bullshit. Read a book man, have something nice to eat, hang out with your weirdo buddies. Just try not to fucking make this shit. It only hurts you more. Come on.

It is a vent game and if expressing myself through what I make is what one's not supposed to do then I'd prefer to be wrong. Furthermore, it is very kind of you to assume that this didn't help with my problem. Finally, in every great artistic meduim doesn't the work often gets misinterpreted? Could this be the case with your experience of the work